It’s time for all you subcontractors and consultants to check out Safe Construction Training!

In the summer of 2021, a new requirement will apply. Every player entering a construction site where  the work environment is coordinated by a contractor who is a member of Byggföretagen, The Swedish Construction Federation, must have undergone and received a certificate of Safe Construction Training. The requirement will apply as of the 1st of July 2021. Byggmästar’n i Skåne is a member of Byggföretagen and this requirement affects us and everyone working at our construction sites!

Safe Construction Training is a free of charge digital course. The course is available in ten languages and is easily done online via a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. To be able to take the course a few things must be done prior, every individual has to create an account at www.buc.se (Byggbranschens UtbildningsCenter) which can be done when you register for the course. The account is personal and once the individual has passed the course, the certificate will be found in their account. The certificate is personal and valid regardless if the individual changes workplace or construction site.

When entering the www.buc.se, search for the Safe Construction Training course in the search field. Since the course is available in ten different languages, a few different options will be presented. Choose the language you prefer and continue by clicking “Boka Utbildning”. You will then be asked to create an account that must be verified by either using Mobilt Bank-ID or by e-mail. (Be aware that the verification e-mail sometimes gets marked as “spam” ending up in your trash-folder instead of the inbox. If you don’t receive an e-mail, contact info@buc.se, they will then help you by manually verify your account.)

When creating the account, you will have to state your first name, last name, national ID-number, e-mail address and your company’s business identification code. When the account is created, you can choose to give consent for the certificate to be entered in ID06-Competence database by clicking on the green button. By doing so you will help site management when they must verify the certificates of those working at their construction sites. Please note that if you have a sole proprietorship you will have to contact BUC by e-mail (info@buc.se) for assistance when creating your account.

Once the account is created you can start the course. The course is divided into three subcategories, where the first subcategory is the biggest with 17 chapters. Once you have read the information, and in some cases, watched the short videoclips, you will have to answer a question correctly to pass that chapter. The second and third subcategory is “easier”, since it consists mostly of attitude and behaviour, and you own reflections of how one should act at a construction site by answering questions. The course takes in total about 1,5 to 2 hours to finish.

The requirement of having the Safe Construction Training certificate will, as stated, be applied in July next summer. Together we will create a safe and pleasant work environment where this digital course will act as a common minimum knowledge and attitude platform to stand on. Thank you for your participation!



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